Photography Consumes me...

Passion... Desire... Dreams... Inspire...



I am a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles but I travel a lot as well. I have been shooting for over 20 years. I mostly shoot for clothing/accessory companies, bands/musicians, magazines and models but I am open to all projects. I've got my own style but I can shoot just about anything. Weather you are looking for clean commercial fashion, beauty, product shots, alternative fashion, family fun, portraits, head shots, or spooky conceptual art with an edge... You name it and I can shoot it! I strive to be versatile with my work! I art direct and style my own shoots (with the help of models, makeup artists, and companies I am working with sometimes). Whatever your photography needs may be... feel free to contact me!

Though I am primarily a photographer, I also do Photo Retouching, Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Video (Directing, Filming, Editing) for clients. Feel free to ask me about any projects related to these as well! You can see my resume here on my website!

A bright star that lights her own path of beauty and form. Michelle stands out in the pitch of the Angeleno night, swimming amongst the metrosea of a million luminous points. Her shine... is obvious, her perspective allowing the aesthetic adoration of image to exist in every arc of space. Her passion, her dreams, her inspiration tattooed on her wrists- never forgetting that true desire lay too deep in ones soul to confine beauty to skin and dreams to the dreamer.
— -Maxmillion Xavier